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Professional Development

ACFO strongly promotes lifelong learning and development for all Financial Officers. Our members are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them by virtue of their status as public servants and, in many cases, their membership in other professional associations.

Members should also note that, under their Collective Agreements, Financial Officers in the public service are entitled to reimbursement for their membership dues for some professional associations.

There are also allowances for both public service FIs and those at NAV CANADA for professional development leave with pay and many managers and departments arrange for other incentives to promote professional development. Please contact a Labour Relations Advisor for more information.

Option for Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree and an Accounting Designation Simultaneously

ACFO Members interested in combining their studies to obtain both a Bachelor’s degree and an accounting designation simultaneously can consider the following option.

CGA-Canada, in partnership with Laurentian University (LU), has developed an online HB Com for students in the CGA Program of Professional Studies. Students are eligible for advanced standing and transfer credits for the LU HB Com degree.

The HB Com is a degree program designed exclusively for students in the CGA Program of Professional Studies. Now you can combine a solid accounting designation with a university business degree. This powerful combination joins financial and management expertise with core business skills, a skill set that gives YOU the competitive edge.

Detailed information on the HB Com program can be obtained at Laurentian University or by contacting your CGA Association.

Note also that CGA-Canada, in partnership with Laurentian University, has developed a unique online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program for CGAs. CGAs are eligible for advanced standing and transfer credits for the LU MBA degree. Both the LU MBA and the HB Com are available to any CGAs who obtained their designation prior to 1998 and do not have a degree. CGAs can proceed directly to the LU MBA program.

Canada School of Public Service (available to all public servants)

Get Started with new challenges!

The Canada School of Public Service offers a range of custom-built courses that provide fundamental learning focused on building and enhancing a member’s knowledge of financial planning and management processes in the federal government.

In addition, the diversity of courses offers participants an opportunity to gain a better understanding in such areas as budgeting or accounting procedures as they apply to the federal government environment.

Required Training for FIs

Finance courses

Classroom courses

Other professional associations

These links lead to websites that are not the property of ACFO. They are provided as a courtesy to our members. ACFO is not responsible for the content of these sites. Unless otherwise stated, we are not involved in the organization or implementation of the courses, conferences or events. If you have any questions about any of the following opportunities, please contact the host organizations.


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