Job Shadowing Program

Comptrollership Training Centre

Job Shadow participants Nicholas Mahon (RCMP), Ashish Manek (PSPC) and Connie Fung (DND)

With the breadth of knowledge and professional experience in the FI Community, there is no better way for FIs to learn than from one another. Similar to elements of the FI Interchange program, the Job Shadowing program will provide the opportunity for FIs across Canada to shadow FIs in their respective cities and host FIs in their respective departments. There is no cost or travel component to this program but participants must have been in the same substantive FI position for three years.

Through the program, you will be grouped with an FI of equal or higher level to you in their department and you will rotate between shadowing (two days) and hosting (one day). The shadowing will take place one day a month over three months, shadowing twice and hosting once. In contrast to the Interchange program, scheduling of shadowing dates is flexible and will be arranged following the selection of candidates by random draw.

Some of the many benefits of this job shadowing program include:

  • Getting an insider’s look at the inner workings of other departments in the federal public service;
  • Expanding your network and list of contacts, both within and outside of the FI Community;
  • Learning tips and tricks from your fellow FIs to bring back to your office and increase the value you bring to your current role;
  • Getting a taste of another role within the FI Community, helping you determine the course of your career path;
  • Developing your communication, briefing and presentation skills by sharing your knowledge and explaining the nature of your role to other FIs, from daily tasks to long-term projects;
  • Gaining a fresh perspective from another FI to help you reflect on your role and area of work; and
  • Understanding and appreciating the value of the FI to the stewardship of the public purse within and outside your established role.

The program is part of the Joint Career Development Program. The deadline to apply for 2019-20 has passed. We thank everyone for applying and will communicate with training recipients throughout the summer.

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