Persuasive Communications for Financial Officers

Comptrollership Training Centre

FIs are highly-skilled financial professionals and stewards of the public purse frequently called upon to provide strategic financial insight. In providing this strategic insight, a challenge for financial officers can be communicating the information to non-financial professionals and helping them determine what the numbers are actually saying.

In this course, over a 2-to-3-day period in the National Capital Region, participants will learn how to present financial information in a clear and concise way. They will receive hands-on experience applying communications theory through exercises, simulations and case studies, preparing various forms of media such as:

  • written communications (effective briefing notes);
  • visual communications (slide decks, dashboards and data visualization); and
  • oral communications (presentations and public speaking).

It will also contain a simulated senior management panel where participants will be challenged to put their newly-improved communication skills to the test.

Larger themes of the course will focus on translating financial information to senior management / non-financial professionals and how to do so under tight deadlines. More specifically, this course will help financial officers identify and create a narrative around the financial information they’ve prepared then proceed to communicate this narrative in a way that will help them stand out from their peers.

A handful of spots have been set aside for FIs from outside of the NCR, with travel, accommodations and incidentals covered under the JCDP.

More information, including a course curriculum, will follow. The program is fully funded by the Joint Career Development Program. Details on how to apply for the JCDP can be found here.

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