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For any additional questions unanswered below, please contact jcdp@acfo-acaf.com.


From where is the funding for the Joint Career Development Program (JCDP) coming?

The $1 million investment is coming from the Government of Canada on behalf of TBS. Your ACFO-ACAF union dues do not cover any aspect of the JCDP.


Why was the JCDP created?

The CT-FIN Community is a highly skilled group of professionals with great potential for career advancement but highly particular requirements to reach those milestones. Professional development is crucial towards the career advancement of CT-FINs, and the CT-FIN Community made this loud and clear to ACFO-ACAF. After we pushed for this investment, TBS also came to acknowledge the importance of PD and investing in it. We are proud to be working together to bring this fund to the CT-FIN Community.


What are the requirements to apply for training?

All applicants must be substantive CT-FINs and ACFO-ACAF members. In addition, if you are a successful applicant, you must be available to respond to emails regularly throughout the months of July and August to arrange your training and to obtain approval needed for training during work hours. Therefore, if you plan to take time off in July and August, we recommend using your home email address as your main point of contact on your application form.

There are no further requirements other than specific criteria mentioned for each program here. We welcome applications from all CT-FINs.


How do I apply?

Simply complete the online application form to submit your candidacy. No further action is required.


If I received training under the 2017-18, 2018-19 or 2019-20 JCDP, am I still eligible to receive training under this year’s program?

Yes, you are still eligible to apply and receive training. However, priority will be given to CT-FINs who have yet to receive training (excluding attendance to Tune Up events, Data Analytics Conferences and Rosetta Stone licenses).


Where can I find out more about all the programs?

A complete description of all the programs is available here, including program summaries and a full calendar of events. More in-depth details, such as course curriculum, will be available in the coming weeks.

If you still have questions about any of the programs, please contact jcdp@acfo-acaf.com.


Do I need my manager’s consent to apply?

We highly recommend that you obtain your manager’s consent and inform them about the Joint Career Development Program prior to applying, since your manager’s approval will be required if you are selected for training. Once selected and contacted by ACFO-ACAF, you will have approximately two weeks to secure your manager’s approval.


How are the recipients selected?

CT-FINs will be selected for training by random draw. In the order of names drawn, CT-FINs will be awarded training based on rankings of preference indicated on their application form.


How many programs can I apply for?

You may apply for as many programs as you want, but if you are selected for training, only one form of training / professional development will be awarded to you based on the order in which your name is drawn and the rankings indicated on your application form.


How many CT-FINs will be selected for each program?

The OCG and ACFO-ACAF have worked together to establish a rough estimate of the number of CT-FINs who will be selected for each program. However, since we are looking to touch as many CT-FINs as possible in the most meaningful way, the number of CT-FINs selected for each program will depend on level of interest and number of applicants for each form of PD.


What are my chances of being selected for training?

Your chance of being selected will depend on the total number of applicants. However, the 2019-20 JCDP received approximately 1,000 applications and approximately 1 in 4 applicants received training.


When/where will the recipients be announced?

CT-FINs selected will be notified by email in the summer if they have been selected for training. Once finalized, the list of recipients will be posted on the ACFO-ACAF website. We thank all CT-FINs for applying, but due to the expected volume of applicants, CT-FINs not selected will not be contacted.


If I’m selected for a program under the JCDP, but already paid for the same course under the Comptrollership Training Centre (CTC), can I still participate? Will I get a refund?

The purpose of the JCDP is to serve as a supplement to professional developments provided by departments and not as a substitution. Therefore, if you are selected for a program for which your department has already paid, you will receive your next choice of JCDP training that you selected.


When will the training take place?

A full calendar of events is available here.


Why wasn’t this fund allocated equally to all CT-FINs?

ACFO-ACAF and the OCG can ensure the funds will be used wisely as professional development for CT-FINs by allocating to the individual rather than by department. In addition, by pooling the funds, we can develop and tailor programs specifically for CT-FINs, such as the uOttawa IFSD 360 program. Finally, with the diversity of backgrounds and experience across the CT-FIN Community, not every CT-FIN requires the same type and level of professional development; therefore, the fund allows for CT-FINs in need of specific types of PD an equal chance to receive training.


Does this mean the training budget from departments for PD has been cut?

No, departmental training budgets have not been cut. They are still responsible for providing you with professional development and the JCDP fund is an additional PD fund.


I’m an CT-FIN outside of the NCR. Will I have the same opportunities for training as CT-FINs in the NCR?

Yes, all forms of training and professional development are open to CT-FINs in the regions with all travel and associated costs covered under the fund, including the CT-FIN Interchange and the uOttawa program. However, due to budgetary constraints, only a handful of CT-FINs from the regions will be drawn for the uOttawa program.


Will I be required to book my own travel/accommodations if I’m selected for a program outside of my region?

You are encouraged to book your own travel and accommodations and it will be reimbursed by ACFO-ACAF. However, all bookings must follow the Government of Canada’s travel directive and be pre-approved by ACFO-ACAF in advance. Therefore, you must be able to respond to emails regularly in the weeks prior to your training to make arrangements. If you require any assistance booking your travel, an ACFO-ACAF staff member would be pleased to assist you.


If I’m selected for training, will I have to incur any expenses (ex. travel, accommodations, incidentals)?

If travel between cities is required for your training, no, you will book your own travel and accommodations and it will be reimbursed by ACFO-ACAF. If you need assistance, an ACFO-ACAF staff member will work with you to book travel and accommodations as required and provide you with a reimbursement claim form. You would be required to provide your banking information for reimbursement, as all payments are issued by ACFO-ACAF via EFT. All bookings must follow the Government of Canada’s travel directive and be pre-approved by ACFO-ACAF in advance.

However, if you are travelling within your city for training, expenses such as parking or mileage will not be covered unless special arrangements are arranged in advance with an ACFO-ACAF staff member. We encourage you to speak with your manager to have these costs covered by your department.


If I’m selected for training, will I receive overtime pay for any travel done outside work hours or on weekends?

We unfortunately cannot provide an honorarium for any overtime.


By when must the training be completed?

Flexible forms of training, such as job shadowing, must be completed by March 31, 2021. Dates for other programs can be found in the JCDP 2020-2021 calendar.


What happens if I’m no longer available for training, if my manager denies my leave request or if I’ve changed my mind about the training for which I’ve been selected?

We highly recommend that you make sure you’re certain you’re available and/or set time aside in your calendar prior to applying in case you’re selected, since:

  • You are not permitted to change the programs you’ve selected or your preference rankings once the application deadline has passed;
  • You are not permitted to transfer your training to another CT-FIN, as CT-FINs selected for training will be contacted by an ACFO-ACAF staff member in the order their names are randomly drawn, so if you’re not able to participate in the training you’ve been awarded, recipients will be reallocated training based on responding to that staff member on a first come, first served basis; and
  • Another form of training may not necessarily be reassigned to you.

If your leave request gets denied by your manager, please contact us and we will work collaboratively with management to secure approval.


Will the JCDP fund be back next year? Is this a permanent fund?

The funding is part of the current CT-FIN collective agreement which will expire in November 2022. An assessment by TBS will be completed upon re-negotiation of the fund to determine whether the funding will be renewed. Therefore, we encourage maximum participation from CT-FINs to demonstrate the value and opportunity this fund provides for the CT-FIN Community.


If I’m selected for training, can I push it to next fiscal year?

No, your training must be completed by March 31, 2021. Should the fund return for 2021-22, you must re-apply next year to be eligible for training.


Who determines which programs are offered by the JCDP? Could I make a suggestion if I have ideas?

The programs offered by the JCDP fund are determined through joint decision by the ACFO-OCG JCDP committee.

However, we welcome any suggestions for consideration for next year’s program, which may be submitted to jcdp@acfo-acaf.com.

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