ACFO-ACAF Confidential Reporting Tool

Please read the following carefully before completing:

ACFO-ACAF’s Confidential Reporting Tool gives our members the opportunity to confidentially provide information on staffing competitions or requests for proposals for private contracts that they believe to be questionable or of concern. ACFO-ACAF may then contact departments to get more information about this specific contract or competition. Not all information ACFO-ACAF receives via this tool will be directly actionable, but it will help provide us with a fuller picture of staffing and contracting out issues within departments than we might otherwise have.

ACFO-ACAF does not collect identifying information via this form and will keep the source of the information we receive confidential in all our discussions with departments. However, it is important to be aware that, depending on the size of your department or hiring pool, it is possible that the information you provide may compromise your anonymity.

If you have any concerns about potentially identifying yourself by submitting a report, we encourage you to contact one of our Labour Relations Advisors ( first. Your conversation with a Labour Relations Advisor will remain strictly confidential, and they can offer you guidance based on your specific circumstances.

Additionally, because ACFO-ACAF does not collect members’ names or email addresses through the form, we are unable to provide direct follow-up with on any information provided here. If you would like our assistance with a staffing or contracting issue, please contact a Labour Relations Advisor (

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