ACE Critical Illness Insurance Plan

NOTE: We are not ACE Insurance. This plan is offered for members of The Association of Canadian Financial Officers only. Please contact ACE at the contact information below to learn more about their plans.


Critical illness is more common than you may think…

A critical illness can strike suddenly and without warning, and can put more than just your health at stake. The bad news is that critical illness rates in Canada continue to rise – in fact, each year:

  1. 70,000 Canadians suffer a heart attack
  2. Over 145,000 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer
  3. Over 40,000 Canadians suffer a stroke*

The good news is, survival is more likely than ever before.

With advances in medical technology and healthier lifestyles, Canadians are now surviving critical illnesses that were at one time, life threatening. Thankfully, 80%* of hospitalized heart patients survive and an equal percentage of stroke patients survive the initial event.

The bad news is, survival is often more expensive than you may think.  

ACE Critical Illness Insurance Plan helps with expenses so you can focus on recovery.

Recovery times can be long and expenses not covered by your provincial health plan could cost thousands of dollars. That’s why putting Critical Illness Insurance Plan in place now is such a wise decision.

Contact Information

The ACFO Critical Illness Insurance Plan is underwritten by ACE INA Life Insurance. For more information about the Critical Illness Insurance Plan, please contact ACE INA Life toll-free at 1-877-534-3655, or locally from the Toronto area at 416-313-4977, weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.

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