The member showcase features ACFO-ACAF members who have shown exceptional dedication to their work, made a difference in their workplace and made a profound impact on the CT Community. You’ll learn about these members’ stories, their contributions and how they’ve made an impact on their community.

Meet Ada

Ada is recognized by her colleagues at the Department of National Defence and Treasury Board as an extraordinary team player who always puts her best foot forward and takes advantage of new opportunities. For her colleagues, Ada has been an amazing person to have around the office as she goes above and beyond to establish connections with people within the department while also planning several networking events throughout the year that encourage others to connect.

Ada is known to be very thoughtful, exemplified by the fact that she uses her impressive artistic talents to make custom birthday cards for her coworkers, and she has been known to bring in some of her baking to share with people around the office. She goes out of her way to establish connection with others, and overall makes the workday more enjoyable with her positive attitude and kindness.

What’s your name, classification, and department?

My name is Yuen Yee (Ada) Kwok and I am an FI-02 at the Department of National Defence, although I am currently on secondment with the Treasury Board Secretariat.

In a few sentences, what do you do?

At DND, I’m a Financial Management Advisor (FMA) for the infrastructure and environment ADM, specifically the Real Property Operations Group. At TBS, I support a lot of learning and development initiatives for the FI Community.

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?

I really enjoy exploring Ottawa and the other nearby cities. Every week I try and visit a different spot, whether that be an NCC trail or a park. The best thing about that for me is that because I love good food, I get to try new cafes and restaurants in that neighbourhood. In addition to that, I enjoy baking in my spare time, and that could be anything from garlic bread to apple cinnamon muffins.  

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Whether it’s working at DND or TBS, I would say that my favourite part about my job is being able to see the tangible outcomes as well as the value that I’m adding to help others. At DND, I was able to see how my role in finance was able to support military operations, such as Operation LASER during the pandemic. At TBS, as a CPA myself, what’s really motivating to me is how I’m able to support my fellow FIs who are also working on their CPA journey. It’s really inspiring to me to be able to help other people who are experiencing the same challenges that I’ve had.

Why are you proud to be a part of the CT Community? And what advice would you give to someone new to the CT Community?

Having a healthy work life is to be engaged both in work and outside of work. I’ve tried to support the other FIs who are studying for their CPAs by co-founding the Finance Professionals Network, where we have a CFE mentorship program for people who are studying for their exams. I joined the social committee in our organization, where we plan scavenger hunts, the Christmas party, and other events like that. In addition, I also organized sessions to help other people who are also doing their CPAs with their work experience. Those are some of the ways that I have taken it upon myself to help others. Whenever I have had an idea, the CT Community has always encouraged me to act upon it. As a young FI, it means a lot to be given the opportunity to be the change and also make the change.

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