The Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO-ACAF) is North America’s largest union that exclusively represents accountants, comptrollers, auditors, and other financial professionals. ACFO-ACAF currently represents upwards of 6,000 members across 70+ departments within the Canadian federal public service and at NAV Canada.

The majority of our membership have completed, or are in pursuit of, professional designations including CPAs, CFEs, CIAs and many more.

Here at ACFO-ACAF, we strive to deliver best-in-class services to our members including:

  • Providing expert labour relations representation focused on collaborative and pragmatic solutions to workplace conflicts;
  • Delivering professional and career development opportunities; and
  • Being a trusted voice for our community regarding policy issues that affect not only our members, but all Canadians.

We do so while maintaining a high level of professionalism and having some of the lowest union dues in the federal public service.

ACFO-ACAF is a registered non-profit corporation. Our bylaws can be found here.

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Our Vision

ACFO-ACAF is recognized for excellence in representation of our members.

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Our Mission

On behalf of our members:

  • Delivering best-in-class compensation and benefits and securing continuing improvements to their work environment.
  • Supporting, promoting and protecting their individual rights and interests and those of our community as a whole in an equitable, diverse and inclusive manner.
  • Advocating for and delivering professional and career development opportunities.
  • Being a trusted voice for our community on policy issues that affect our colleagues and all Canadians.