How We Can Help

Looking for assistance?

Through our representation, we strive to ensure that all our members’ rights are respected and that our members’ physical and psychological safety is protected. This includes assisting our members with:

  • Workplace-related concerns, conflicts, and inquiries

  • Questions about their collective agreement

  • Understanding their rights and responsibilities

  • And more.

Common Problems and Solutions

Have an issue at work that you’re not sure warrants a call to us? From collective agreement questions to more complicated issues, our Labour Relations Advisors have compiled a list of the most common topics and their advice for addressing them.

Union Dues

At ACFO-ACAF, we continuously work to ensure that our members receive the highest quality representation from their union at the lowest cost possible. Learn more about ACFO-ACAF union dues and how your union dues make an impact here.

Plan Your Retirement

Retirement should be a joyous occasion for us all, but the amount of preparation can make it a stressful one. Whether this achievement is years away or around the corner, it’s never too late or too early to start planning, so we’ve assembled a list of resources and considerations to make the process as stress-free for members as possible.