Informal conflict resolution

The goal of informal conflict resolution is to solve problems without having to resort to formal grievance and complaint processes.

In our experience, informal processes are:

  • Shorter than formal grievances and complaints
  • Non-adversarial in nature
  • More likely to lead to good long-term relationships between the conflicted parties

Our Labour Relations Advisors will try to resolve conflicts informally wherever possible. Informal conflict resolution refers to a number of processes, from the well-defined Informal Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) in various departments to a simple phone call to a manager.

Do you have a conflict to deal with?

  • Contact a Labour Relations AdvisorWe will listen to your side of the story and help you determine which informal mechanism is best. Sometimes a phone call or face-to-face meeting can solve the problem. Other times we’ll need to take advantage of your department’s ICMS or arrange a mediation session. Not sure what the process of contacting labour relations is like and are hesitating to reach out? Learn more about the process of working with ACFO-ACAF Labour Relations here.
  • Any type of conflict may apply. While more formal processes may be limited to breaches of the Collective Agreement, informal conflict resolution can apply to any number of issues, including interpersonal relationships and personality conflicts.
  • Keep track of the details. In any conflict situation, it’s important to document the events. Copy relevant emails, take notes of relevant phone calls and establish a timeline of events. We can help you with this, but the more information you collect up front, the more quickly we can solve the problem.
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