ACFO’s labour relations team is highly skilled and experienced. No one understands the workplace rights and interests of the FI Community better than we do because we only represent FIs.

Our team has grown to six labour relations advisors and a Director of Labour Relations to meet increasing demands. In addition to our staff compliment, ACFO maintains a network of highly qualified labour relations consultants specializing in classification, pay equity and harassment.

Over the course of their career in the federal government, nearly all FI’s will take advantage of ACFO’s labour relations services. In 2012, ACFO assisted 1,157 members with work-related issues. This represents over one quarter of the FI Community that have relied on ACFO’s labour relations services last year alone.

More quietly, ACFO labour relations advisors have worked with members to resolve workplace conflicts and restore work relationships using informal conflict management and mediation. On a daily basis, ACFO’s labour relations advisors respond to members’ questions about your Collective Agreements, classification issues and workplace rights.

Our team has an outstanding success rate and the results to prove it. Of the 1,109 cases closed in 2012, 98.7% were resolved in favour of the member.

Not only do ACFO members receive exceptional labour relations services, the Association also provides excellent value for money. In a non-unionized workplace, such as in the private sector, Financial Officers have to turn to a labour lawyer for comparable representation. Even a minor workplace conflict would cost an employee thousands of dollars in legal fees. A complicated matter would result in legal fees in the tens of thousands of dollars.

To learn more about the types of services ACFO’s labour relations team provides, please take a look at our individual service pages:

Collective Agreement Interpretation

Informal Conflict Resolution


Staffing Complaints


If you have questions or would like more information, review our list of helpful Resources, or contact ACFO Director of Labour Relations Scott Chamberlain at 613-728-0695 ext. 225, or email

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