Staffing complaints

Staffing complaints by public service employees are submitted before the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB). The PSLREB is an independent administrative board responsible for receiving, assisting with resolving, hearing and deciding complaints related to internal appointments, lay-offs, revocation of internal appointments, and appointments made or proposed as a result of the implementation of corrective action.

The PSLREB has the authority to intervene in the following types of staffing complaints:

  • Layoff. For public servants who believe their Deputy Head abused their authority in selecting him or her for layoff.
  • Revocation of Appointment. For public servants who believe the revocation of their appointment was unreasonable.
  • Internal Appointments. For public servants who believe there was an abuse of authority related to an appointment or that their right to be assessed under the official language of their choice was denied.
  • Failure to Implement Corrective Action. For public servants who believe that the Deputy Head abused their authority in failing to implement any corrective action imposed by the PSST.

For Financial Officers at NAV CANADA, the Collective Agreement lays out the process for filing such a complaint.

Do you have concerns about a staffing process?

  • Contact a Labour Relations AdvisorOur Advisors are well-trained in these matters and can help you evaluate the merits of your complaint. We can also help you evaluate your options should a formal staffing complaint not be the best course of action. Not sure what the process of contacting labour relations is like and are hesitating to reach out? Learn more about the process of working with ACFO-ACAF Labour Relations here.
  • Keep track of the details. When filing a complaint, it is very important to document the events. Copy relevant emails, take notes of relevant phone calls and voice mails and establish a timeline of events. We can help you with this but the more you collect up front, the more smoothly things will run as the process unfolds.
  • Don’t wait. There are strict deadlines for filing complaints. The amount of work that needs to be done before filing varies depending on the nature of the complaint so it is very important to contact us as soon as you believe you have a complaint.
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