The ACFO Board of Directors has appointed the collective bargaining committee for the next round of negotiations with Treasury Board.  Members were selected based on experience and to ensure a representative mix of FI levels, departments and regions.

The Public Service collective bargaining committee will meet at the end of October to review member input and develop ACFO’s bargaining proposals for the upcoming round of bargaining after the expiry the current agreement on November 6, 2011.

The Board of Directors thanks all FIs who volunteered and submitted proposals.  The Association received an unprecedented level of member engagement in this year’s process.  The passion and professionalism of the FI Community is readily apparent.

The complete membership of the Collective Bargaining Committee is as follows:

Name FI Level Department Location
Karen Hall (Chair) 3 RCMP Vancouver
Anna Marinelli 4 DND NCR
Dany Richard 2 PWGSC NCR
François Fortier 3 DND Montreal
Gary Wright 1 DFO Dartmouth
Heather Côté 4 RCMP Fredericton
Irène Chènier 1 CSC Kingston
Madeleine Chin 4 NRCan NCR
Margaret Kwong 1 DND NCR
Melanie Fugard 2 DND Victoria
Melissa Gurova 3 DFO NCR
Ming Mei Pan 3 NRCan NCR
Nicole Bishop-Tempke 2 Health Regina
Pat Grantis 3 Health NCR
Raoul Andersen 2 HRSDC St. John’s
Richard Rizok 1 PWGSC NCR
Rob Hawkins 1 CSC Joyceville
Robert Loiselle 2 CSC Winnipeg
Stephen Brown 4 DND NCR
Tessie Genise 1 AGR Winnipeg
Tony Bourque 2 CSC Moncton
Vishnu Jadoonath 3 NRCan NCR
Yola A Lamour 3 DFAIT NCR
William Wong 3 DND NCR