The Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO) is concerned by some elements of the budget released today. The Association represents financial officers working in the federal government and NAV CANADA.

While ACFO understands the need to control spending and govern within our means, it is somewhat concerned about the way the government intends to proceed.

“Public servants are charged with developing and implementing the very programs designed to put Canada’s economy back on the right track. The government however, should have a process through which it engages public servants and their representatives to review government spending,” said Milt Isaacs, ACFO’s President.

The government announced today that it wishes to undertake an administrative review. ACFO is extremely well positioned to provide advice to the government on this matter. It can also help the government avoid the restructuring of processes that are presently working effectively for Canadian taxpayers.

Last year we were told that public servants had to do their part and that salary increases were going to be limited to 1.5% per year for two years. At the same time, the government took established human rights away from public servants in the pay equity issue.

That was not acceptable. We were promised good governance by the Conservative government and what we see are structural deficits caused by a decision making process based on political expediency, not sound economic management.

ACFO President, Milt Isaacs, stated that “the government has failed to consult with its social partners in developing the budget. Contrary to what happens in other countries, our government does not consult with the major unions representing public servants in order to engage in meaningful discussions on financial issues that affect all Canadians.”