As most of you already know, last summer we had the pleasure of hosting Rick Mercer at our Funding Democracy summit. After a typically entertaining speech, he closed with a rousing, inspiring discussion of his get out the vote campaign for youth.

More recently, Mr. Mercer is expanding the target of his voting campaign students and calling on all Canadians to stay vigilant this election. Take a look at what he says:

I want to take a moment to add my voice here. I know this has been a long, fraught election. But I want to encourage you not to be worn down. Not in the crucial moment when it comes time to step up to the ballot box. Because this is an important election. The past few years have been challenging for all Canadians, but I have to believe that if we are impassioned and engaged and, most importantly, if we show up, we can help shape a better future.

Previously I encouraged you to consider the issues that matter most to you – both professionally and personally – and research which candidates best address these issues. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste. My message this time around is simple: vote.

Vote for the candidate who best represents your interests. Vote for the party that you truly believe will steer this country toward its brightest future. What Canada’s political landscape will look like on October 19 depends on you – individually, to a certain extent, but more powerfully, together. Again I urge you to let your voice be heard.


Milt Isaacs, CPA, CMA, CPFA
President, Association of Canadian Financial Officers