The FI Collective Agreement expires on November 6th, 2014 FIs are needed to serve on the Collective Bargaining Committee for the next round of negotiations.

The next round of collective bargaining will be particularly challenging as the Government looks to reduce benefits and again resist fair economic increases designed to bring our salaries and benefits in line with the private and broader public sector.

With the recent changes to the legislation governing negotiations our employer has attempted to rig the system in their favour.  Our team will work hard to continue our strong record of results for our community.

As a committee member you will work in a diverse team of FIs to determine ACFO’s bargaining strategy and bargaining proposals. You may also choose to serve on key committee working groups that will conduct surveys, engage with the membership and develop policy and strategy for job action.

The Committee will meet via teleconference and in person as required. Normally our activities take place outside of the normal hours of work.

If you are interested in serving on the CB committee please e-mail our Negotiator Scott Chamberlain at before February 21, 2014.