ACFO would like to thank everyone who put their name forward for consideration for the public service FI collective bargaining committee. We’re pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed the committee (listed below), which will oversee the next round of collective bargaining with Treasury Board. The committee includes representatives from a range of departments and regions and with a variety of experience in the FI Community.

Last week, ACFO served notice to the Treasury Board to begin collective bargaining negotiations on behalf of public service FIs. The committee’s first meeting will take place August 11-12, with formal bargaining anticipated to begin in September, well in advance of the agreement’s expiration in November. In the meantime, ACFO staff continue to review the many great suggestions made by the 1,200 members who completed the collective bargaining survey and to conduct a comparative analysis of other public service collective agreements and industry comparators.

We are grateful to all who took the time to share their thoughts in the survey and volunteered to be part of the bargaining process. If you have questions about the process or how the committee was selected, please contact Nicole Bishop-Tempke (

We would also like to note that the National Joint Council’s Commuting Assistance Directive will soon be undergoing a review. The Directive is co-developed by bargaining agents and public service employers, and helps defray excessive costs incurred by employees travelling to and from remote worksites. If you would like to provide proposals for consideration during the review process, please contact Nicolas Brunette-D’Souza (


Name FI Level Department Region
Nicole Bishop-Tempke (Chair) 3 INAC Prairies
Imran Ahmad 3 DND NCR
Tricia Anderson 2 DND Ontario
Joelle Auger 2 GAC NCR
Andrew Burt 2 ESDC Atlantic
Steven Chao 3 CBSA Ontario
Venus Denis 2 TC Prairies
Deborah Elie 2 TC Quebec
José Furtado 4 HC NCR
Claire Gauthier 4 DND NCR
Tessie Genisse 1 AAFC Prairies
Nicole Gowan 1 DFO Atlantic
Pat Grantis 3 HC NCR
Karen Hall 2 CSC Pacific
Rob Hawkins 2 CSC Ontario
Jenette Jesuratnam 2 ESDC Quebec
Norman Khan 2 StatCan NCR
Wendy Anne Leask 4 TBS NCR
Pierre Liu 3 RCMP NCR
Carole Mailloux 1 VAC Quebec
Anna Marinelli 4 DND NCR
Yvonne Morkos 4 IRCC NCR
Mathilde Ngo Mbom 1 ECCC NCR
Preet Phungura 2 ESDC Pacific
Richard Rizok 3 OIC NCR
Carol Robinson  1 ESDC NCR
Henri Roumi 3 PSPC NCR
Anna Soukhovtseva 4 GAC NCR
Nathalie Stella Tremblay 3 PSPC NCR
Heather Van Wouw 3 INAC Prairies
Robert Walters 4 TBS NCR
William Wong 3 DND NCR
Wendy Woodley-Coffin 2  DFO Atlantic