OTTAWA – Next month members will be asked to vote on the form of dispute resolution mechanism (DRM) that ACFO will adopt for the next round of collective bargaining.

The Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) provides a choice between two methods of resolving collective bargaining disputes when the employer and the bargaining agent have reached an impasse at the negotiation table: binding arbitration or conciliation/strike.

ACFO is registered as choosing conciliation/strike by default, as a result of the membership’s vote in the last round of collective bargaining. If a change in DRM is desired, ACFO must register this change before notice to bargain is given by either party.

In June, ACFO will submit a membership survey, to hear from members which form of DRM they prefer, and to solicit bargaining demands and priorities.

Prior to the survey, ACFO will issue communiqués to explain the collective bargaining process and describe the dispute resolution mechanisms available to members. Stay tuned.