From December 14th to December 17th, the teams from ACFO and Treasury Board met for four days of collective bargaining. Detailed discussions on all proposals took place. While the Expenditure Restraint Actcontinues to restrict the bargaining team’s ability to negotiate monetary gains, the parties have been able to work towards a number of benefits that should enhance work-life balance for the community.

 The next round of talks is scheduled for January.


The NAV CANADA bargaining team had its first bargaining session with the employer from December 9th through 11th. The parties were able to discuss and reach agreement on most of the proposals and it is anticipated the bargaining will resume and reach a conclusion in late January. 

ACFO thanks those members and staff who have volunteered to serve on the bargaining teams for all their hard work in 2009 and we look forward to concluding both agreements in the New Year.

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