The ACFO-ACAF Board of Directors has appointed the collective bargaining committee for the next round of negotiations with Treasury Board. The committee includes representatives from a range of departments and regions and with a variety of experience in the CT Community.

The committee will meet for the first time on March 19-20 to review submissions from the collective bargaining survey issued to members in the fall of 2021 and develop ACFO-ACAF’s bargaining proposals for the upcoming round of bargaining. While the CT-IAU (former AS) collective agreement expired in June 2021, the CT-EAV (former AU) and CT-FIN (former FI) agreements are set to expire this year, in June and November respectively.

The Board of Directors thanks all ACFO-ACAF members who completed the bargaining survey and who volunteered for the committee for their engagement and commitment to the CT Community. If you have any questions about the process or how the committee was selected, please contact Scott Chamberlain (

The complete membership of the Collective Bargaining Committee is as follows:

NameCT LevelDepartmentRegion
Rob Hawkins (Chair)CT-FIN-2Correctional Services CanadaOntario
Ayanna AlleyneCT-FIN-3Public Health Agency of CanadaNCR (Montreal)
Marc BelangerCT-FIN-4Agriculture and Agri-Foods CanadaNCR
Ian BoyleCT-FIN-2Global Affairs CanadaNCR
Andrew BurtCT-FIN-3Veterans Affairs CanadaAtlantic
Nadia ColovaCT-FIN-2Department of National DefenceNCR
Emilie M. ComeauCT-FIN-2Public Services and Procurement CanadaNCR (Miramichi)
Julie CouvillonCT-FIN-3Correctional Services CanadaNCR
Brittany DavisCT-IAU (AS-3)Treasury Board SecretariatNCR 
Peggy DuarteCT-FIN-3Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceNCR (Moncton)
Robert FinkleCT-FIN-2Department of National DefenceNCR (Edmonton)
Pat GrantisCT-FIN-4Health CanadaNCR
Rene HaddadCT-FIN-3Department of National DefenceNCR
Claude HuardCT-FIN-4Public Services and Procurement Canada / Environment and Climate Change CanadaNCR
Amal KhatibCT-FIN-3Global Affairs CanadaNCR
Maxime LabrecqueCT-FIN-2Canadian Space AgencyQuebec
Sylvain LapierreCT-FIN-3Public Services and Procurement CanadaNCR
Mike LefebvreCT-FIN-3Agriculture and Agri-Food CanadaNCR
Jean-Philippe LetourneauCT-FIN-2Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship CanadaNCR
Pierre LiuCT-FIN-4Public Services and Procurement CanadaNCR
Catharine LynchCT-FIN-3Employment and Social Development CanadaNCR
Carole MaillouxCT-FIN-2Agriculture and Agri-Food CanadaNCR (Montreal)
Shawn MelnychukCT-FIN-4Western Economic Diversification Canada (PacifiCan)Pacific
Mark NowostawskiCT-FIN-1Innovation, Science and Economic DevelopmentNCR
Olajumoke OniCT-FIN-3Indigenous Services CanadaPrairies
Rachel PelletierCT-FIN-1Employment and Social Development CanadaAtlantic
John PerkinsCT-FIN-2Department of National DefenceNCR
Preet PhunguraCT-FIN-2Employment and Social Development CanadaPacific
Toma RadevCT-EAV (AU-3)Canada Border Services AgencyNCR
Natacha Ruiz TardifCT-FIN-3Treasury Board of Canada SecretariatNCR
Paula SamsCT-FIN-4Public Health Agency of CanadaNCR
Francois ThiviergeCT-FIN-3Indigenous Services CanadaNCR
Linda VienneauCT-FIN-1Fisheries and Oceans CanadaAtlantic
William WongCT-FIN-3Department of National DefenceNCR
Brian YanthaCT-IAU (AS-7)Public Health Agency of CanadaNCR