OTTAWA – Many departments and agencies are developing national generic work descriptions for many occupational groups including Financial Officers.

Once drafts are complete, they are sent to a classification committee for review and classification. They are then distributed to the affected employees. 

It is important to closely review these work descriptions if you receive one; you are not required to sign off on the work description if it is inaccurate or does not completely reflect your duties. If you receive an inaccurate or incomplete work description, there are various courses of action available, up to and including classification and job content grievances.

However, strict deadlines apply when filing formal grievances so it is important to contact the Association if you have any concerns about your work description.

For more information or if you have concerns about your work description, please contact Vicky Ringuette or Grant Boland at 613-728-0695 or 1-877-728-0695.