As you have no doubt heard, last week the government tabled new pay equity legislation. This is good news for the FI Community and for all federally-regulated working Canadians.

Although it does not address our current pay equity complaint, for ACFO the introduction of proactive pay equity legislation represents the welcome culmination of many years of hard work. We have long advocated for proactive pay equity legislation through our appearances at committee meetings, in conversations with the employer and through our work with organizations such as the Canadian Labour Congress and Public Services International.

While we celebrate this victory, we know that there is still much to do and many important discussions to be had as the legislation is implemented. ACFO will continue to be central to these discussions, as we have been throughout this process.

If implemented correctly, the new legislation will identify and prevent pay gaps from occurring in the future. However, it is important to re-emphasize that this legislation does not address our existing complaint, which was filed under a previous pay equity regime.

ACFO continues to be the only federal public service union with an outstanding pay equity complaint filed on behalf of its membership. Approximately 58% of FI Group  is composed of women. In 2016, an analysis of the wages being paid to the FI Group and their male comparator groups for work of equal value demonstrated that the FI job classes are paid between 2% and 16% less than the comparator groups.

ACFO is still working to resolve the historic discrimination against the FI Community. We are in advanced settlement discussions and remain cautiously optimistic with that we will be able to share a significant announcement in early 2019. Rest assured that ACFO will not stop until we have resolved our complaint. We have come this far, and we know fight for equality is one worth fighting.

If you have any questions about the implications of the new pay equity legislation or about ACFO’s ongoing pay equity complaint, we encourage you to contact us at or 1-877-728-0695.