The pay equity team has continued to prepare for the hearing of our pay equity complaint before the Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) throughout the first half of this year.
In particular, we have been addressing issues with Treasury Board surrounding the disclosure of evidentiary documents. Treasury Board had consistently refused to disclose data specific to the Universal Classification Standard (UCS) data cube.  ACFO filed a motion at the PSLRB for the disclosure of FI-01 and FI-02 levels and their comparator groups per the UCS before its discontinuance in 2002, which we argue is relevant to our case as it is the only standard that existed with a common basis to compare jobs across the federal Public Service.
We are pleased to inform you that on June 16, 2011, the PSLRB ordered Treasury Board to disclose the disputed UCS data along with all documents, internal reports and studies relating to the reasons for the discontinuance of UCS.
Having largely resolved the issues of disclosure, we will now set a schedule for the exchange of expert reports, a further and detailed Statement of Particulars with witness lists and will-say statements, and hearing dates. We anticipate that hearings on the substantive pay equity complaint before the PSLRB will begin in the spring of 2012.
We will continue to update you on further developments as they arise in this matter. In the meantime, please contact Vivian Gates at 613-728-0695 (ex 226) or email  if you have any questions in relation to this case.