Compensation and Benefits Committee

The new Compensation and Benefits Committee met for the first time on August 22. There are currently 14 members of the committee representing several departments, regions and all levels of the FI group. The committee is well representative of the FI community as a whole with excellent regional participation.

The following are members of the committee and the departments they are from:

Andrew Francis – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Arjun Patil – Justice
Don Caldwell – Indian and Northern Affairs
Gene Szabo – APSFA (Health Canada)
Harry Barber – Veterans Affairs
John Leduc – Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Jonathan Hood – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Chairperson)
Karen Hall – Industry Canada
Milt Issacs – National Defence
Nicole Bishop – Health Canada
Philomena Doyle – Public Works and Government Services Canada
Robert Loiselle – Correctional Service
Tom McNaught – Human Resources and Development Canada
Tony Bourque – Correctional Service

The committee reviewed the terms of reference and responsibilities of the committee, had an overview of the National Joint Council Structure, Directives and Constitution and an overview of the strike/conciliation vs binding arbitration options.

The committee will meet in October to review the briefs from the last arbitral award. In addition a number of sub-groups were formed to start preparing for the next round of bargaining.

AFSFA cannot officially give notice to bargain to the Employer until August 7, 2004 in compliance with the Public Service Staff Relations Act. Therefore, we anticipate collective bargaining to commence in the late summer or fall of 2004.
Jonathan Hood