As public health units across the country continue to widen COVID-19 vaccination access to the general public, many ACFO-ACAF members will be booking their appointments in the coming weeks and months. If your vaccination appointment is scheduled during work hours, please be advised that you can request paid 698 leave to receive your vaccination.

698 leave gives employees up to a half-day of paid leave to attend dental or medical appointments, which includes COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

You can request 698 leave for each required dose of your COVID-19 vaccine, for a maximum of one half-day of leave per vaccination appointment.

Common side effects from the vaccine include pain at the injection site, fatigue, headaches, chills, muscle and joint aches and fever. If you experience side effects from either dose of your vaccine, you may request sick leave for the duration of your recovery.

For any questions related to 698 leave, please contact