Over the past few weeks, you may have seen an increase in media coverage of the role of whistleblowers and the need for improved whistleblower protections in the public service. Whistleblower protection is a key priority for ACFO, one that we have advocated for in both the domestic and international spheres for several years.

As previously mentioned, ACFO was recently asked to participate in the Government Operations and Estimates Committee’s legislative review of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act and associated protections. ACFO appeared before the committee and submitted a brief of our recommendations for improving public service whistleblower protections.

Since that time, representatives from ACFO have met with MPs from all sides of the political spectrum to advocate for our recommendations and ensure that they are properly understood. We continue to attend Committee review meetings and to be involved in ongoing discussions with MPs and senior officials on this issue.

If you believe you have observed wrongdoing in your workplace, please contact Labour Relations. Remember that all conversations with a Labour Relations Advisor are strictly confidential. ACFO will never take any action – including contacting your employer – without your explicit consent. Contacting a Labour Relations Advisor also does not commit you to moving ahead with a complaint, grievance or conflict resolution process.