The negotiating team has been selected from among the bargaining committee members for the FI Community in the public service. The following members and ACFO staff will sit at the negotiating table during this round of talks:

  • Robert Loiselle (Chair)
  • Scott Chamberlain (Lead Negotiator)
  • Vicky Ringuette (Negotiator)
  • Raoul Andersen
  • Nicole Bishop-Tempke
  • Tony Bourque
  • Francois Fortier
  • Karen Hall
  • Rob Hawkins (Alternate)
  • Vishnu Jadoonath (Alternate)

The bargaining committee also developed the list of proposals that the negotiating team will present to the employer. These proposals, which were developed with the input of the FI Community and by looking at gains made by other groups, were approved by the Board of Directors on August 31.

The next step is to exchange proposals with the employer, which will take place in mid September. The first joint training and bargaining session is tentatively scheduled for mid October.


The official notice to bargain was filed on behalf of the FI Community at NAV CANADA. The team will be meeting to review draft proposals in the next few weeks.