It appears that several departments have begun to make preparations for retroactive payments due to members following the signing of the new collective agreement last month.

As these calculations and payments begin to appear in the system, employer representatives have informed us that retro payments will be done in steps. Some members will see their payments before others; some will receive partial payments over several installments and some will receive full payment.

The differences relate to whether or not an employee was previously covered under the old pay systems and manual calculations being done to validate payments. There should be no impact on regular pay as they are done at a different time in the pay process.

We would like to encourage all members of the FI Community to pay careful attention to their pay stubs over the coming weeks and months and track their retro payments. The employer has until August 11, 2017, to completely implement the new agreement and to issue these payments. If you haven’t received your retro pay by July 28 please contact ACFO Labour Relations at

If you have any additional questions or if you are concerned that there are errors in your pay, do not hesitate to contact Labour Relations.