ACFO-ACAF and other public service unions have been in discussions with the employer regarding vaccine requirements for public service workers returning to the workplace. These discussions are ongoing and we are currently waiting for an updated version of the policy as part of these consultations.

Vaccines approved for use in Canada have been reviewed and studied by professional public service scientists and experts; ACFO-ACAF strongly encourages all members who are able to get the vaccine to do so.

While the government does not have the right to force anyone be vaccinated, legally the employer does have the right to require proof of vaccination for employees entering the workplace, provided reasonable accommodations are in place for those who can’t be vaccinated, such as those who have received medical advice against vaccination. Accommodations for such individuals will likely include telework where possible and masking, social distancing and a strict testing regime if attendance in the office is required.

We will share additional information as the consultation process unfolds and specifics of the plan are formalized.