The workforce adjustment process can be daunting. ACFO is ready to help assist members with navigating the procedure, and to maximize opportunities for transitioning to a new position, ACFO has adapted a WFA Guide for your use.

Additionally, ACFO’s Labour Relations team is ready to support members who may be impacted. If you need our support, have questions or would like more information, please contact ACFO Labour Relations at 613-728-0695.

Non-Affected FIs interested in alternating:

NameDepartmentEmail FI Level Linguistic Profile Security Clearance Location
Alyssa FleggCorrectional Services CanadaAlyssa.Flegg@CSC-SCC.GC.CAFI-02EnglishReliabilityAbbostford
Marcel GendreauTreasury Board of Canada SecretariatMarcel.Gendreau@tbs-sct.gc.caFI-04BBBSecretOttawa
David GoyetteCanada Border Services AgencyDavid.Goyette@cbsa-asfc.gc.caFI-03BBBSecretOttawa
François MarcottePublic Works and Government Servicesfrancois.marcotte@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.caFI-02BBBReliabilityMontreal
Shirley NeilCorrectional Services CanadaShirley.Neil@csc-scc.gc.caFI-02BBBEnhancedOttawa
Mathieu SavoieTransport Canadamathieu.savoie@tc.gc.caPM-04CBCSecretMontreal

Opting and affected FIs interested in alternating: