All members of the Financial Management (FI) Group of the federal public service and all Financial Officers at NAV CANADA are dues-paying members of ACFO. However, in order to enjoy the full benefits of membership, Financial Officers must register with the Association.

Are you a new FI?

Here’s why you should register your membership:

  • Have your say: Registered members get to elect members of ACFO’s Board of Directors, vote on the Collective Agreement and take part in Annual General Meetings.
  • Serve the FI Community: Registered members can stand for election to the ACFO Board of Directors and serve on committees including the compensation and benefits committee.
  • Reap the benefits of membership: Registered members have access to a number of discounts on professional services.

Your options:

  • Register Online
  • Download the membership form (225 kb .pdf) and send it to our Membership Services team by email or fax (613 761 9568).

ACFO respects its members’ right to privacy. Please see the Privacy Policy for information on how we protect your personal data.