As you may know, the second annual Joint Career Development Program (JCDP) launched in May, a $1M fund ACFO secured from TBS under the latest FI collective agreement which gives all ACFO members the opportunity to apply for and receive free professional development. Offerings under the program include language training, leadership courses, a five-day uOttawa course led by Kevin Page and more.

Apply now at:

However, many of you may still have questions about this program: what are my chances of being chosen? Is it a lengthy, complicated application process? Why should I bother?

Here are ten reasons to apply for the JCDP: one-of-a-kind professional development selected for FIs, by FIs.

  1. Build skills that get you noticed. While developing technical skills is important, soft skills such as effective communication, strategic thinking and people management make you stand out. All training offered under the JCDP was selected and tailored to help FIs build their soft skills and reach their potential.
  2. Meet people who can help you take the next step in your career. Building a network and putting yourself out there can be intimidating. Under the Joint Career Development Program, we help you meet CFOs, senior managers and FIs like you who could be the difference between you and your next promotion.
  3. Applying is quick and simple. No need to submit a resume or fill out lengthy, complicated documentation—just fill out the online application form at the link below (5-10 minutes to complete) and you’re in. That’s it!
  4. Training is awarded randomly and fairly. It’s not about who you know. By selecting candidates by random draw, the JCDP gives all FIs an equal chance of receiving training and taking full advantage of this unique opportunity.
  5. Your chances of being selected are higher than you think. Last year, 2 in 3 JCDP applicants received training. While your chances will ultimately depend on the total number of applicants this year, the odds are favourable.
  6. Experience another side of the FI Community. Want to learn more about costing? TB submissions? A specific department you’ve always been curious about? Financial management in the federal government is incredibly diverse and dynamic, and with JCDP offerings like job shadowing and the FI Interchange program, you can get a sense of what else is out there.
  7. Gain a fresh perspective. Have you been feeling stuck or burnt out in your current role? Many participants in the 2017-18 program felt inspired and a renewed sense of motivation taking part in JCDP training. “I find myself with a new and improved mindset. I fully intend to apply the knowledge/tools I gained during this program,” said one participant in a recent survey. “It motivates me to continuously improve in my current role,” said another.
  8. There’s no out-of-pocket cost to you or your department. If you’re selected by random draw, whether it’s bus fare or a cross-country trip, all JCDP-related expenses are covered by the fund. You’ll work with an experienced ACFO staff member to plan your training and ensure a seamless, stress-free experience.
  9. There’s PD for everyone at every stage in their career. This fund isn’t limited to FIs on their way to becoming the next CFO. Whether you’re brand new to the working world or a manager decades in to your career, the JCDP has training that can help each and every FI become a better employee and a better manager.
  10. Get training you won’t find anywhere else. Several programs under the JCDP, such as the Interchange and uOttawa IFSD 360 course, are for FIs only and not open to the public. The JCDP is your chance to receive exclusive, once-in-a-career professional development.

Don’t miss your opportunity to apply—the deadline is Monday, July 2 at 11:59 pm ET. Find more details about the Joint Career Development Program including the application form, full descriptions of each form of training, a calendar and more at:

For any questions, please contact