We are pleased to report that ACFO is joining Public Service International (PSI), an international labour non-government organization (NGO) founded on the principle of solidarity between public sector workers throughout the world.

In the face of widespread cuts to the Public Service, ACFO’s Board recognized the need to increase the Association’s international presence with respect to promoting investment in strong public services and increase ACFO’s profile in connecting local issues to global action.

About PSI

PSI is a global non-government organization founded in 1907. With 620 union members in 160 countries, it is a global federation of public sector unions.

PSI campaigns to ensure public services:

  • are adequately resourced, with well trained workers delivering quality services;
  • meet social objectives such as the eradication of poverty and the empowerment of people;
  • are ethical and corruption-free, and enable societies and economies to operate effectively and equitably;
  • provide full rights and decent working conditions for workers.

PSI presents the case for quality public services in many forums. These include the International Labour Organisation and other United Nations bodies, the World Bank and regional development banks, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and many others.

PSI has consultative status with the United Nations’ ECOSOC and observer status with other UN bodies such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and UNESCO.

Membership benefits

The union movement is by far the largest democratic movement in the world. PSI is the acknowledged representative of public sector workers within this movement. Joining PSI gains ACFO exposure on the international level. In doing so, the Association will build a strong and united network for quality public services, union rights, gender equality, employment equity, public alternatives to privatisation, social justice in the workplace, poverty reduction, and debt relief.

In partnering with PSI, ACFO joins a global agenda committed to defending the rights of all people to quality public services, irrespective of social, economic or geographic conditions, and that promote gender equality and equity.

For more information on this matter, please email ACFO President Milt Isaacs at misaacs@acfo-acaf.com.