Recently members have contacted the Association to inquire about the status of pandemic readiness for the public service.

ACFO was involved in extensive consultations in the development and implementation of pandemic plans during the HINI and SARS outbreaks.  We will continue to contribute to and to monitor any initiatives to update these departmental and central agency policies through our participation in National Occupational Health and Safety Policy Committees and National Labour Management Committees.

ACFO is also involved in the international efforts to end the Ebola crisis through our affiliation which Public Service International (PSI), a global federation of public sector unions which campaigns on behalf of 20 million workers to ensure public services are adequately resourced with well trained workers delivering quality services.

More information on the PSI fight against Ebola can be found on the PSI website.

ACFO members who have questions about pandemic policy or are concerned about the potential risk of exposure to infectious disease during the course of their duties are encouraged to contact ACFO Labour Relations to discuss your rights and options.