Last week, ACFO President Dany Richard met with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) Deputy Minister Marie Lemay to present the results of the Spring 2017 FI Community Phoenix Impact Study. This meeting is the latest example of how the Phoenix Impact Study gives ACFO access to senior decision-makers and allows us to articulate the specific concerns of the FI Community.

ACFO is pleased that the Phoenix Impact Study opened this door. We are also encouraged that Deputy Minister Lemay took the time to meet with us and agreed on the importance of PSPC officials maintaining open communication with public service unions as they continue to work on Phoenix issues.

The results of the Spring 2017 FI Community Phoenix Impact Study can now be viewed at the link below:

The six-page analysis of the Spring 2017 results includes new statistics on T4 and Relevé 1 issues and compares the results from the Spring 2017 survey to those of the Winter 2017 and Fall 2016 surveys. These results indicate that several conditions including workload and mental health, which has been a particular concern of ACFO’s over the past few months, have worsened and that other conditions have not improved, such as the percentage of Phoenix issues that remain unresolved. Ms. Lemay committed to working closely with ACFO on these issues in the coming weeks and months.

ACFO would like to thank the FIs who completed the Spring 2017 survey. We know this is a challenging period and that completing the survey can be time-consuming, but each survey is incredibly useful to us in identifying and tracking FIs’ specific issues with Phoenix.

Going forward, ACFO will continue to use these survey results to put pressure on government and senior management at PSPC to escalate their response to ongoing Phoenix issues. We will also continue to help individual FIs resolve their Phoenix-related issues.

If you are experiencing problems with Phoenix and would like assistance, please contact Labour Relations at