Update on taxation of Phoenix damages settlement

As you may know, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) filed a partially successful CRA claim in February 2024 […]

Mar 17, 2023

Phoenix Damages Round 2: Seeking your feedback 

ACFO-ACAF is seeking your input in order to determine which members have had pay issues due to Phoenix, and for […]

More details on MOU with TBS: Compensatory leave cash-out

As you may have seen from our previous piece on vacation leave cash-out, ACFO-ACAF and Treasury Board signed a memorandum […]

Dec 17, 2021

Update on Phoenix overpayment recoveries

ACFO-ACAF received a bulletin from Treasury Board last week detailing how the Employer intends to modify its current procedure for […]

MOU on vacation leave cash-out signed with TBS

Earlier this year, we informed members that as indicated by OCHRO in their last bulletin, automatic cash-out of excess leave […]

Aug 20, 2021

Update on compensation for Phoenix-related issues

ACFO-ACAF is pleased to inform members that additional compensation for issues related to the Phoenix payroll system and for the […]

Apr 27, 2021

Update: Delay in compensation for Phoenix-related issues

As you may be aware, ACFO-ACAF and other bargaining agents reached an agreement with Treasury Board earlier this year regarding […]

Budget 2021 highlights critical role of public service finance and audit workers now and in the future

With pandemic financial supports to Canadians being extended and many spending initiatives including a major new childcare program announced, it is more important than ever that the […]

Additional compensation for Phoenix-related issues

We are pleased to announce that ACFO-ACAF and other bargaining agents have reached an agreement with Treasury Board regarding additional […]

Jan 21, 2021

New claims process launched for severe impacts of Phoenix

Treasury Board has announced the launch of the new claims process for current or former employees who have experienced severe […]

Pay Centre to resume pension arrears and overpayment recovery

In March of this year, the employer implemented temporary measures to suspend the recovery of pension arrears and overpayments resulting […]

Update on PSAC tentative agreements

As some of you have seen this morning, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) reached a tentative agreement with […]