As you may have seen from our previous piece on vacation leave cash-out, ACFO-ACAF and Treasury Board signed a memorandum of understanding in December lifting the moratorium on vacation and compensatory leave cash-out due to ongoing issues with the Phoenix pay system for ACFO-ACAF members.

The Employer will proceed with the payment of outstanding vacation and compensatory leave credits starting on March 31, 2022. You can read the complete MOU here.

Compensatory leave cash-out details

For compensatory leave, this year and until 2026, the amount of leave you’ll have automatically cashed out on September 30 is as follows:

  1. 20% of the compensatory leave accrued in your bank as of March 31 of the previous fiscal year will be cashed out automatically
  2. 100% of any compensatory leave unused from the previous fiscal year will be cashed out automatically

Examples for September 30, 2022, cash-out

Hours accrued of compensatory leave as of March 31, 202220% cash-out from leaveUnused 2021-22 compensatory leave as of March 31100% cash-out of unused compensatory leave from 2021-22Total cash out (on September 30, 2022)Leave balance carried over into 2022-23
10 hours2 hours4 hours4 hours6 hours4 hours
35 hours7 hours20 hours20 hours27 hours8 hours
35 hours7 hours0 hours0 hours7 hours28 hours
50 hours10 hours10 hours10 hours20 hours30 hours
50 hours10 hours40 hours40 hours50 hours0 hours

Additional information and questions

Where issues with completeness or accuracy of an employee’s leave data exist, the Employer in consultation with the employee can pause the mandatory leave cash-out each year.

For any questions about the MOU or leave cash-out, please contact