More than 100 ACFO-ACAF members tuned into ACFO-ACAF’s 32nd Annual General Meeting on November 17, the second virtual AGM in as many years thanks to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Attendees were provided updates on key issues such as:

  • plans for the return to the workplace;
  • the efforts to replace the Phoenix pay system;
  • negotiations related to an employee wellness and support plan and the public service health care plan;
  • the ongoing integration of the new CT subgroups and plans for collective bargaining;
  • ACFO-ACAF’s pay equity complaint;
  • the results of the Public Service Employee Survey; and
  • the Comptrollership Training Centre, ACFO-ACAF’s in-house training institute.

Members were also given a chance to ask their own questions on these issues and more, with the healthcare plan negotiations; the return-to-work plans and vaccine mandate; and collective bargaining strategies being among the most popular topics of discussion.

A recording of the event is available via the portal.

Election results

Voting took place online in the weeks prior to the AGM through an independent, third-party provider. A record number of votes were cast this year and the entire ACFO-ACAF team is grateful for the active participation of the membership.

Resolution 1: Approval of the minutes of the 2020 AGM

Yes: 1,000
Abstain: 40
No: 6

Resolution 2: Approval of the audited financial statements

Yes: 1,001
Abstain: 39
No: 6

Resolution 3: Approval of the 2022 budget

Yes: 983
Abstain: 44
No: 19

Resolution 4: Approval of the auditors

Yes: 989
Abstain: 41
No: 16

Resolution 5: Bylaw amendment regarding vacant board positions

Yes: 979
Abstain: 29
No: 38

Resolution 6: Bylaw amendment to treat merger and dissolution resolutions in the same manner as other by-law amendments

Yes: 1,005
Abstain: 29
No: 12

Director-at-Large Candidates (Two positions available)

Catharine Lynch           546 – elected
Sylvain Lapierre           471 – elected
Rene Haddad               317
Christian Roy                297
Blair Rutkowski            195

Only one nomination was received for the position of CT-EAV Director thus Toma Radev was acclaimed. No nominations were received for the position of CT-IAU Director and thus this position will remain vacant for the time being and then be filled as per the ACFO-ACAF bylaws.