In the preliminary AGM notice, it was outlined that ACFO is accepting nominations for the election of three Directors positions at the November 23 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

To clarify, these positions consist of two Directors and a Vice-Chair.  The Director nominations are open to any full-standing regular ACFO member with 2 years of continuous membership.  Only current Directors are eligible to be nominated for the Vice-Chair position.

Please be advised that since the preliminary AGM notice was issued, Nicole Bishop-Tempke has tendered resignation as a Director on ACFO’s Board effective November 23rd 2011.

Therefore, a third Director position will be up for election at the AGM in addition to the Vice-Chair position.

The vacant positions up for elections at the November 23, 2011 AGM are:

Two Directors                – four year term each
One Director                 – 1 year term
Vice-Chair                     – four year term

For further information in this matter, please review the preliminary AGM notice or contact ACFO President Milt Isaacs at