A record number of members attended ACFO-ACAF’s 30th Annual General Meeting on November 21 in Ottawa to hear updates from president Dany Richard and learn the results of the vote held throughout the month of November. Voter turnout was also a record for an AGM vote, with nearly 1,000 members taking part. The complete results of that vote are below.

Attendees learned about ACFO-ACAF being certified to represent the CT Group, updates on the timelines for implementation of the new public service FI collective agreement, new course offerings under the Comptrollership Training Centre and other relevant topics.

Included in the resolutions that were approved was a proposal to increase our monthly union dues effective April 1. While we understand this was a difficult decision for many of you, we are incredibly grateful for your support. Despite the increase, our dues remain among the lowest in the federal public service. The increase approved addresses the erosion of our revenues due to inflation and the increased levels of service we can provide to our members. We are now in a strong and sustainable financial position; one we intend to respect by being prudent and efficient in our spending as always.

The board and staff at ACFO-ACAF sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to find new and innovative ways to support the comptrollership community.

Resolution 1: Approval of the minutes of the 2018 AGM
Yes: 928
Abstain: 49
No: 8

Resolution 2: Approval of the audited financial statements
Yes: 925
Abstain: 49
No: 11

Resolution 3: Approval of the 2020 budget
Yes: 880
Abstain: 55
No: 50

Resolution 4: Approval of the auditors
Yes: 915
Abstain: 48
No: 22

Resolution 5: Dues increase
Yes: 531
Abstain: 30
No: 424

Resolution 6: Bylaw amendment to align auditor nomination deadline to other deadlines
Yes: 999
Abstain: 51
No: 23

Director Candidates (Three positions available)
Karen Hall: 703
Ian Boyle: 684
Rob Hawkins: 672
Andrew Burt: 443