OTTAWA – On February 12th through 14th ACFO met with the Treasury Board negotiating team for our second bargaining session.

Numerous proposals were discussed and agreements on several articles were reached. The negotiating team is pleased to report that the discussions were constructive, respectful and professional with a joint commitment to building on towards a negotiated settlement.

Both teams will now take the opportunity between sessions to consider their respective proposals and to prepare for the next session. Further negotiating sessions are scheduled for March 26-27, May 6-8 and June 3-5. Updates will be provided following these sessions.

We’re Worth It!

In a speech to the 20th Annual International Conference of the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management, then Comptroller General of Canada, Charles-Antoine St-Jean stated:

Given projected retirement rates over the next few years, we’ll have to do some serious recruiting to compensate for the expected attrition.

Within the financial community, we face a particular challenge when it comes to finding accountants. Its been described as a “war for talent.” Accountants are in high demand as private and public sector scandals in North America have led to more oversight, new rules and increased complexity in financial management practices.

If we can’t offer the salaries that the private sector can, we need to make sure that we offer something comparable in terms of security, benefits, professional development and career advancement.

How Can You Support Your Bargaining Team?

ACFO knows that many departments and agencies are having difficulties attracting and maintaining FI’s at all four FI levels. Your bargaining team is compiling data on recruitment and retention for use in negotiations. Share your recruitment and retention information with the bargaining team by sending us an email at