OTTAWA – The Chair of the Compensation and Benefits Committee and ACFO Negotiator met with the Treasury Board Negotiator and Compensation Analyst on November 20th and exchanged proposals.

ACFO will now begin the process of reviewing the Employer’s proposals and developing a bargaining strategy in preparation for bargaining sessions in January, February and March.

Your Collective Bargaining Team

Robert Loiselle, Chair of the Compensation and Benefits Committee
Scott Chamberlain, Negotiator
Raoul Andersen
Tony Bourque
Nicole Bishop
Michael Peters

We’re Worth It!

Did you know that the skills and talents of our membership are consistently reported by Canadian employers to be in the highest demand. A recent National Compensation Survey concluded that Accounting and Finance Professionals are, by a very significant margin, the most difficult professionals to recruit and retain.

How Can You Support Your Bargaining Team?

Claim all of your overtime and support ACFO’s efforts at the bargaining table.

As an ACFO member you have earned the right under Article 19 of your collective agreement to be compensated for all overtime you work. Your skills are valuable. Your talents are in demand. It’s fair that you are compensated for all your contributions.

When a member chooses not to claim overtime, it contributes to the chronic understaffing of FI positions and serves to perpetuate the false expectation that exists in the workplace that professionals should work unpaid overtime.