The first dates for public service collective bargaining for the FI Group have been set – ACFO and Treasury Board negotiating teams will be meeting for the first bargaining sessions November 4-6 in Ottawa.

The Negotiating Team has also been set. We’d like to thank all members of the Collective Bargaining Committee that stepped forward to volunteer for the team. The group that will be representing the FI Community at the table includes:

  • Rob Hawkins (Committee Chair)
  • Scott Chamberlain (Lead Negotiator)
  • Louise Amyot
  • Tony Bourque
  • Vince Harris
  • Dany Richard
  • Tessie Genise (Alternate)
  • Amy Ng (Alternate)

In coming weeks we’ll also be putting together working groups focused on research and job action options and we sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm with which people have stepped forward for all of these roles.

We are entering this round of bargaining with a unified, engaged and committed group of Financial Officers ready to represent the broader FI Community; this will serve us well at the table.