The ACFO Negotiating Team met with the employer on October 12th through 14th.

The employer replied to ACFO’s comprehensive two-year offer with a multi-year offer including the wage increases and severance concessions similar to that tentatively agreed to with several PSAC components last month.

ACFO did not accept the employer’s offer.

Your negotiating team firmly believes that meaningful member consultation and financial analysis of the proposals are necessary prior to considering such a significant change to our collective agreement.

Preparations have already begun to carry out both consultations through an electronic survey of the membership and costing of the Treasury Board offer. In the interim we have reiterated our offer for a two-year contract with economic increases of 1.5% annually. These reasonable increases are the maximum allowable under the Economic Restraint Act (ERA).

Your Team is keenly aware that November 6th, 2010 represents the anniversary of the expiry of our contract. We remain committed to the goal of negotiating and renewing contracts in a timely fashion, but will not do so at the cost of prudent and responsible negotiations. Your continued support is appreciated.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Scott Chamberlain or Vicky Ringuette at 613-728-0695.