Fellow FIs,

On October 22, 2013, Bill C-4 was tabled in Parliament.  This bill proposes substantial amendments to the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA), the act that governs labour relations and collective bargaining in the federal public service.

The proposed changes will have dramatic consequences for all Canadians who work in the federal public service. These measures are clearly an attack on public servants. These changes will significantly reduce your level of recourse to well below what is afforded to all others Canadians in their workplaces.

If these amendments are approved we will not have the same rights as other Canadians to bargain collectively, to raise human rights violations, and to refuse dangerous work. Our efforts to work together for fair working conditions and enhanced professionalism in government financial oversight will be negatively impacted.

Canada was once viewed as a nation of fairness, prosperity, equality, social justice, and a strong professional public service. We had been seen by other nations as a model of excellence to aspire to. Bill C-4 will tear at the very essence of what is meant to be Canadian. This bill is the beginning of a death spiral for what was once a significant piece of what made us different. This government continues to poison the well in the name of efficiency that lacks common sense and, most importantly, a business case that supports their logic.

To deploy such treachery is cowardly. It hides behind and abuses respected and trusted processes such as the speech from the Throne in order to deliver a body blow to the Public Service.

These are dark days for the Public Service and for Canadians. We will remain vigilant and will carefully analyze the measures outlined in this proposed legislation along with our partners, and will take appropriate measures to defend our rights and interests.



Milt Isaacs, CMA, CPFA
President, Association of Canadian Financial Officers