OTTAWA, March 29, 2012 – Following the release of the 2012 Federal Budget, the Association of Canadian Financial Officers reminded the federal government of the need for proper and maintained financial management capacity.

“By making the right, sometimes difficult decisions now, the government can ensure that our financial position will remain strong in the future,” said Milt Isaacs, ACFO President. “This is extremely vital right now. When the government reduces financial management capacity, it risks exposure to conditions that can result in a loss of public trust and confidence.”

“Proper financial stewardship touches the lives of all Canadians. When the government builds and maintains financial management capacity, it is making an investment. The cost of not getting it right is very high, and the risk of ignoring its importance is very great.”

“We know that it takes courage and leadership to make the right financial decisions,” added Mr. Isaacs.

“A few years ago this government got off on the right foot when it implemented the Federal Accountability Act. We believe that the government realizes the important role that our members play in support of its mandate of accountability. However, the proof will be in the numbers. As a result of this Budget, we expect the government to continue its commitment of accountability to Canadians.”

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Milt Isaacs, President