As you may know, ACFO-ACAF’s Annual General Meeting took place on November 21, 2019. In the lead up to the event, members were able to vote for resolutions, bylaw amendments and director candidates. A recap of the meeting is available here: 

One of these resolutions involved a membership vote for a union dues increase unrelated to the new CT Group. The increase was proposed by a member, reviewed by the ACFO-ACAF Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Directors the Board of Directors to: 

  • Reflect the increase in inflation since the last ACFO-ACAF dues increase in 2011; 
  • Maintain the efficient delivery of high-quality services to our members, including our one-to-one labour relations services and class-leading professional development, among others; and 
  • Close our structural deficit created by an increase in membership engagement. 

This dues increase resolution passed, therefore, effective April 1, 2020, your monthly union dues will increase from $50 to $62 per month. This is not a Phoenix or compensation error. A $6 increase will be reflected in each dues payment from your pay. Subsequent annual adjustments will be made effective April 1, 2021 in accordance with the Canadian consumer price index (CPI) for the previous year.  

With this dues increase, as voted by you, your union dues remain among the lowest in the public service, all while continuing to offer the efficient and effective service on which ACFO-ACAF prides itself. 

For any questions about the dues increase, or if you notice any errors in your union dues on April 1, please contact  

We thank you for your support and patience during this time of transition.