Are you a CT-FIN, CT-EAV or CT-IAU working for the Government of Canada looking to build your network and get more involved with your community? The FPN (Finance Professionals Network) is currently seeking volunteers! 

The FPN is a federal employee-led volunteer initiative which engages financial officers across the Government of Canada with a focus on CPA candidates and recent CPA graduates to provide mentorship, networking and CPA-related professional development opportunities.  

FPN Management Board opportunities 

If you are detail-oriented, ambitious and have an interest in making a positive impact on your community, you should consider applying. The FPN is looking to fill the following volunteer positions: 

  • Social Media Lead (FPN Management Board) 
  • Event Planning Lead (FPN Management Board) 
  • CFE Mentorship Program Lead (FPN Management Board) 
  • Interim support roles (FPN Management Board) 
  • CFE mentorship positions 

For more information on the FPN, the available positions and how to apply for them, you can consult the following PDF:  

Please note that prior to expressing interest in volunteering with the FPN, you must seek manager approval as you may be required to attend some meetings during work hours. Additionally, should you wish to do minor tasks during work hours, you will need to negotiate an agreement with your manager as part of your performance management learning plan. The FPN is happy to help advise on how to have these discussions. 

FPN mailing list 

We also invite you to sign up for their mailing list, as ACFO-ACAF is not affiliated with the FPN and will not be communicating about future FPN activities going forward. 

To join their mailing list and keep up with future updates and opportunities, or if you have any questions, please contact the FPN at