Make Your Opinion Count!

OTTAWA – As a member of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers, it is your right to have your say about who represents you and what issues are being addressed.

What’s more, we want to hear from you so we can serve you better. For this to happen, we need your personal email address.

Beginning this year, we are only sending correspondence to your personal email address, not your home mailing address. We have already sent a Preliminary Notice to members, inviting Resolutions, Bylaws and Board Nominations for consideration by the membership at the 2007 Annual General Meeting. The deadline for contributions is April 13, 2007.

If you have never provided your personal email address, or it has changed since March 2006, we need to know.

Email by April 2, 2007 with your updated personal email address and relevant contact details. All information will be stored securely in accordance with our privacy policy, available online at privacy-policy.

This is your Association, your issues, your money, your vote. Make sure we have your personal email address so you can have your say.