A National Joint Professional Development Committee (NJPDC) meeting was held on July 24th 2012 by representatives of ACFO’s Professional Development Committee, Treasury Board, and the Office of the Comptroller General.

The NJPDC was established in the 2011 collective agreement to improve professional development for the FI occupational group.

At the meeting, the NJPDC developed an action plan to compile data on the professional development (PD) landscape for FIs. Departments across the Public Service will be surveyed to identify successful PD models and best practices.

The NJPDC is now finalizing a questionnaire and identifying key stakeholders at Departments to complete the surveys.

We anticipate that questionnaires will be finalized in the fall of 2012.

For more information in this matter, please contact Labour Relations Advisor Grant Boland at gboland@acfo-acaf.com or by phone at (613) 728-0695 or toll-free 1-877-728-0695 ext. 222.